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Obsidian are working on a 16th-century murder mystery RPG

Published: 10:08, 05 November 2021
Updated: 10:11, 05 November 2021
Obsidian Entertainment
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The Outer Worlds

Obsidian have a small team led by Josh Sawyer working on a brand new project, which is a murder investigation RPG set in 16th century Europe.

Fallout: New Vegas Lead Designer Pillars of Eternity series Game Director Josh Sawyer is helming his next project.

Sawyer previously mentioned that he will stay away from the AAA development for the foreseeable future since his focus lies elsewhere - a smaller RPG game, developed by a small team at Obsidian. 

The legendary game designer revealed that his long-term wish was always to create a historical RPG , "something set in earth's history, inclusive with fantastic variations, like Darklands and Ars Magica."

It seems likely that Sawyer is currently working on such a project since he mentioned that once the development of Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire is wrapped up, he would be focusing on his historical RPG.

Bethesda Fallout New Vegas screenshot showing the main character Sawyer was the Lead Designer on Fallout New Vegas

Not a lot has been said about the game until now but thanks to reliable industry insider Jeff Grubb, we have first details about Sawyer's new game.

Grubb revealed in his Giant Bomb GrubbSnax show that the game is focusing on experimental mechanics and interactions. Developed by a small team at Obsidian, the game is set in 16th century Europe and won't have combat mechanics.

Instead, players will be solving a murder mystery by talking to people and building a case. Interestingly, players can accuse people of murder and continue playing even if they get it wrong to see the consequences of their actions.

Apparently, the game is planned for release in 2022. 

As always with leaks, please take this with a dose of scepticism until we get some official info from Obsidian. If the release date is indeed true, we should probably see the game very soon.

One thing we would love to know is the camera perspective. It's possible that this is another isometric RPG but third-person could work too, as well as first-person perspective.

Thanks, GamingLeaksAndRumours.

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