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Nvidia tease next generation GPUs with a countdown to August 31

Published: 15:03, 10 August 2020
Nvidia artwork teasing next gen gpus reveal
Nvidia teaser

Nvidia could finally reveal their next-generation lineup of graphics cards later this month. The tech giant have teased the reveal in the latest, mysterious video on their Twitter.

Just like earlier rumours suggested, Nvidia are ready to reveal their next-generation of graphics cards very soon. Nvidia's 3000 series, which are rumoured to be bringing a massive performance increase over the current GeForce RTX 2000 lineup.

Today, Nvidia have officially started teasing RTX 3000 series via their official social media channels. As you can seen in the tweet below, Nvidia posted a mysterious video with a hashtag Ultimate Countdown, suggesting a reveal of 3000 series is just around the corner.

They also changed their header photo on Twitter with a couple of more clues. "21 Days. 21 Years," it is written in the text. Could this mean that a reveal is set to happen on August 31, which is 21 days away? Well, that would be our guess.

As you may know, earlier rumours suggested that September 9, 2020 is the date when Nvidia plan to reveal their new cards.  "RTX 3000 should be announced on September 9th, according to board partner discussions with GamersNexus," it's written in the news article on Gamers Nexus official website.  

It's possible that Nvidia changed their plans and decided to reveal new products earlier than expected by Gamers Nexus. 

Nvidia's RTX 3000 series will battle out against AMD's upcoming RDNA 2 graphics cars which are also rumoured to bring massive performance boost over RX 5000 series. 

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