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Nvidia announce R.O.N., AI-powered holographic assistant

Published: 08:08, 01 April 2019
Photo of Nvidia's 01 April joke device Nvidia R.O.N.
Nvidia R.O.N.

Could you do us a favour and check the date real quick? Why? Never mind, let's just get on with it - Nvidia have announced a delicious new device for gaming enthusiasts. Say hi to the AI-powered holographic assistant called R.O.N.

We must admit, it's great to see Nvidia pull moves early in the year and stick it to AMD, who definitely have nothing of their own to compete against R.O.N.

First and foremost - It Just Works, which has been Nvidia's trademark phrase ever since Bethesda came up with it. Well, sorry Todd, maybe you should've trademarked it.

R.O.N. almost promises to make you suck a bit less than you do now, and it allows for holographic projections of the levels you're playing.

Nvidia wrote that R.O.N. " taps into the full power of your GeForce RTX 20 Series-powered gaming rig to connect you to your games, coach you through your gameplay, and stay up-to-date on everything happening in the world of gaming."

Hear that? No need to practice anymore and the same goes for politeness to your teammates, as R.O.N. uses all-new RageConverter technology to translate what you spew out in fits of rage into supportive messages. In 18 languages no less.

Nvidia R.O.N. goes beyond gaming too, as it can deal with haters on Reddit, Twitch and the like. 

"Just enable R.O.N.’s cutting-edge TrollDestroyer capabilities to effortlessly wear down their stamina with a limitless supply of AI arguments, backed up by the endless wealth of information available on the Internet", they said.

If the only thing keeping you from gaming greatness are distractions, R.O.N. can take care of those for you with its TalkBlock AI features.

In fact, Nvidia's new assistant "can connect to more than 208 third-party applications to redirect parents, partners, or roommates toward simple diversions. This gives you the extra time you need to beat that final level."

Nvidia Photo of Nvidia's 01 April joke device Nvidia R.O.N. from above Nvidia R.O.N.

So there you have it, Google Assistants and Amazon Alexas can eat their hearts out, as Nvidia is coming at them full speed with Geforce RTX R.O.N.

Nvidia Photo of Nvidia's 01 April joke device Nvidia R.O.N. in action Nvidia R.O.N.

You might want to check back for the availability date but as we always advise our readers - it's best to preorder first, think second.

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