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Sea of Thieves will not have loot boxes

Published: 16:03, 13 February 2018
Sea of thieves

With the world plus dog clamoring against addition of loot boxes to games, Sea of Thieves devs broke the news that they plan on doing the same. The devs are dead set on making the game as enjoyable as possible, without introducing randomized item drops.

Rare's executive producer Joe Neate broke the news in a recent interview. He pointed out however that introducing optional ways for people to spend money is okay, as long as it fits the general vibe of the game.

AltChar A lute, a box and a loot box against a blue background Loot + Box = Loot box.

Neate stressed that Sea of Thieves is not a title for your standard hard core, no-scope, 360 or whatever other popular moniker kind of gamers. You know the type. Their game, Nate said, is a completely different affair.

In fact, the game had been pitched with soft skills in mind, i.e. interaction and general social skills, rather than so called hard skills, which are motor skills found in pretty much every fps title you can find.

Neate had proof of his claims as well, showing creative director Gregg Mayles' tweet titled Group Shaped Narrative. Contained therein is the general aim of the game. And that's before Sea of Thieves was Sea of Thieves.

The slides are proposing a game that's based on emotional engagement and teamwork, where players can experience events together. The entertainment factor should greatly increase over hard skill based games, which they believed will stem from group dynamic.

Funnily enough, the original pitch included five videos, one of which is titled Gentleman Bandit and is about a guy robbing another one at gunpoint. He ends up being sorry for him, but if you haven't seen it - we won't spoil it for you. We will just say that Neate is correct - this is really some heart warming stuff and most certainly is worth the watch.

Much to the disappointment of some more yellow-tinted publications, Neate refused to bash companies using loot boxes, but instead focused on their own game. He did say that the team will never sell you "anything that impacts progression, or impacts power in the game. And you’ll always know what you’re going to buy if you want to buy anything".

It is worth noting that Sea of Thieves will still have microtransactions, in spite of being a premium title. Leaving loot boxes out feels like just another step in normalising other equally devious practices. Ups, we didn't mean to say devious - what we meant was sensible business practices. The micro-travesty will be added roughly 3 months after launch, so there may still be some silver lining in all of this.

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