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Nioh - upcoming DLC Dragon of the North

Published: 16:31, 12 April 2017
Updated: 11:18, 02 May 2017
Team Ninja

The first DLC for the action RPG Nioh is coming in May. The DLC will bring new armour, weapons, and a new Guardian Spirit.

Recently, the content arriving with the Nioh DLC called Dragon of the North has been fully revealed. The DLC will continue William's story from the main game. 

The DLC story begins with the rumours about the Oshu region's leader Masamune Date and his quest to gather spirit stones. Add to that the supernatural Yokai who are present in that region, and you have yourself a DLC.

Dragon of the North will bring with it a new region and some original stages. A brand new weapon, an odachi, will be at your disposal, as well as some fresh armour, ninja skills and magic. New Guardian Spirits will be there to help the player through the story.

Team Ninja Nioh Nioh

The DLC will also bring some new PvP features.

"Dragon of the North follows on from William’s valiant struggle in the main game. Rumours have emerged from the Oshu region that its ambitious ruler, Masamune Date (the “one-eyed dragon”) is secretly gathering spirit stones. With the Yokai flourishing in Oshu, turmoil and unrest is inevitable"

Dragon of the North will be available on 02 May for £7.99, and free for the season pass owners.

Team Ninja Nioh Nioh

Nioh is an action RPG released in February 2017. The game follows the story of a European samurai William and his quest to find Amrita - the golden stones from Japan.

Dragon of the North is the first DLC for Nioh. Upcoming content includes:

• Dragon of the North – venture deep into Japan’s embattled Northern provinces.

• Defiant Honour – fight in the bloody Winter Campaign of the Siege of Osaka.

• Bloodshed’s End – bring the siege of Osaka to an end during the Summer Campaign

Team Ninja Nioh Nioh

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