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Rumour: A Souls-like Final Fantasy spin-off game is in the works

Published: 21:05, 23 May 2021
Square Enix
an image showing two Final Fantasy characters fighting with swords
Final Fantasy

According to a renowned leaker, Square Enix and Team-Ninja are collaborating on a Final Fantasy spin-off Souls-like game, and it will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive like FF7R.

Here's an interesting combo: Final Fantasy with a Dark Souls/Nioh/Jedi Order style of combat/gameplay. 

According to SoulsHunt , a renowned leaker from France, this just might happen, and it could be announced by Square Enix very soon. 

PlayStation Nioh 2 DLC Darkness in the Capital screenshot showing a boss fight Nioh x Final Fantasy - Yes, please!

The souls-like Final Fantasy game is allegedly in the works by Square Enix with a commission by Team-Ninja, and it might possibly be called Final Fantasy Origin. Dark Souls and Jedi Order are mentioned in comparison.

Here's the translation of his tweets:

  • It might possibly be called Final Fantasy Origin or something like it
  • Team Ninja commission
  • Souls-like, Jedi Fallen Order mentioned as a comparison point
  • Demo this summer on the PSN to gather feedback
  • PS5 only from what he knows (assuming a year like Nioh, could be more)

This rumour has also been confirmed by another industry insider (Navtra, ResetEra):

It's certainly Souls-inspired, but it's not exactly what you'd imagine when you hear "Souls-like FF".

For those who are not familiar with the Team-Ninja's portfolio and what can they bring to a Final Fantasy game, they are a Japanese studio behind critically acclaimed souls-like games Nioh and Nioh 2, Ninja Gaiden action-adventure game series, as well as fighting game series Dead or Alive.


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