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Nioh 2 will get three DLC packs in next several months

Published: 17:30, 15 May 2020
Team Ninja
Nioh 2, DLC-inspired wallpaper
Nioh 2, DLC-inspired wallpaper

Team Ninja are rolling out an update for Nioh 2 today and with it they unveiled their plans for the game. So, three "sizeable and badass" DLC packs are in order.

That's not to say that today's update for Nioh 2 won't give you hours of fun. It adds 9 new missions as well as the photo mode, which has a bunch of options for exposure, gradation, lighting and other filters. 

As for the DLCs, Team Ninja wrote, " We’re planning to release a total of 3 sizable & badass DLC batches over the next several months to provide you guys with additional challenges to keep you on the edge-of-your-seat."

The dev promises new storylines, new yokai, a bunch of formidable new bosses, Guardian Spirits, new skills, fresh new armour and perhaps most interestingly - a new weapon that alters the performance of skills outside of set stances. 

Nioh 2 players who already tore through the game, which is far harder than it sounds here, will be glad to hear that the DLCs will bring new difficulty levels. Team Ninja also plan to add more end-game content, all in order to make the campaign last longer. 


The first Nioh 2 DLC pack is called The Tengu's Disciple and it arrives on July 30, 2020. It is set in the late Heian period, and focuses on a battle that has taken place at Yashima. 

Team Ninja Nioh 2, The Tengu's Disciple DLC screenshot Nioh 2, The Tengu's Disciple

Team Ninja Nioh 2 characters from DLC The Tengu's Disciple Nioh 2, upcoming DLC The Tengu's Disciple

As a visitor in Yashima, our protagonist finds a shrine possessing a mysterious whistle called the Sohayamaru. Upon inspection, the whistle shines radiantly as the shadow of Yokai can be seen lurking in the background. It is revealed that whenever wars take place, heroes wielding the Sohayamaru will head into battle in order to restore peace back into this land.

Nioh 2 is an action RPG by Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo

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