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Nexus Blitz is not coming to LoL this year

Published: 18:28, 08 December 2022
Updated: 18:30, 08 December 2022
Riot Games
Nexus Blitz map in League of Legends
Nexus Blitz map in League of Legends

One of the most exciting game modes is not coming back to League of Legends anytime soon even though it was supposed to.

Riot Games announced that Nexus Blitz would return to conclude 2022 in League of Legends but then walked back on the statement.

The initial announcement that the game mode would appear was made in 2021 but between that time and the release of the amended statement, the team apparently lost some key people as they moved on to other projects.

Additionally, the wording of the statement suggests that League's spaghetti code has something to do with the delay.

As a result, the Blitz will not return in 2022 but the devs promised to provide a more in-depth update on what caused the delay in early 2023 as well as their plans for future game modes in League of Legends.

The fans are expectedly unhappy with the announcement and some are suspecting that we may never see the return of Nexus Blitz. Some may say this is doom and gloom speaking but it wouldn't be the first time a mode was scrapped due to technical difficulties.

Riot Games Jax changes are live on League of Legends PBE server! Jax changes are live on League of Legends PBE server!

Considering that "pieces of the NB UI experience were broken by unrelated work on a different part of the game", one would hazard a guess that the spaghetti code is ruining the devs' efforts even though Riot has a bigger team than ever.

As such, one has to start wondering whether League of Legends 2 or a major overhaul could be in development which would allow a clean slate for better code and improved features to the game that was released 13 years ago.


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