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New World Season 2 release date announced, transmog is on the way

Published: 00:55, 24 May 2023
Amazon Game Studios
New World - Season 2, Blood on the Sands
New World - Season 2, Blood on the Sands

Season 2 of New World is right on our doorstep even though it looks like the seasonal model was announced just a few days ago.

Amazon Game Studios announced that the new season of New World will start on July 6, 2023.

Named Blood on the Sands, it hints at the major encounter players will have with the sand wurm that will have some major rewards but it will also take some effort to win.

The Elite Trial: Arena of Shah Neshen is a PvE game mode that will take 20 max-level players to complete and it remains to be seen whether people who met randomly will be able to take this thing down.

Besides the high-end PvE activity, there are a few other notable features, such as the transmog system. Unfortunately, it will not be available on the launch day but it will come in a mid-season update, allowing the players to use transmog tokens to turn the appearance of any item they collected into a cosmetic.

Keep in mind you will need the item in your inventory so don't go throwing them away before the update kicks in.

Amazon Game Studios New World - That is one scary boss New World - That is one scary boss

On top of that, First Light will be altered as Artemis and Angry Earth invaded the area. This will probably be a controversial change because the invasion means the town, the fort and trading post will all be closed.

Any company that ruled over the town will probably be left empty-handed.

Season 2 will also bring some PvP love with a new map for 3v3 arenas as well as the cross-world outpost rush which will hopefully reduce queue times and provide better matchmaking.


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