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Total War: Pharaoh announced, releases later this year

Published: 17:32, 23 May 2023
Updated: 17:42, 23 May 2023
Total War: Pharaoh takes place in ancient Egypt, during its peak of power
Total War: Pharaoh takes place in ancient Egypt, during its peak of power

It is time for another Total War game and this time around we are going to ancient Egypt. Maybe we get to build a pyramid or two.

SEGA and Creative Assembly announced that Total War: Pharaoh  will release at some point in October 2023. 

While it is not an exact release date, the release window itself is not too far away so it is safe to say we will know the exact day soon enough.

Just like the subtitle suggests, Pharaoh gives us a tour of ancient Egypt where the titular ruler has recently knocked on Anubis' door and the realm is now in chaos, with the players being part of one of the factions vying for power.

Players will get to rule over Egypt, Canaan and the Hittite people on their path to becoming the next pharaoh and they will have to go through their enemies and natural disasters alike in order to complete the journey.

There will be a choice between eight faction leaders with unique playstyles along with diverse unit rosters that will offer different gameplay with each run. One time, you might be going through the ordeals as a diplomat, other times as a ruthless warlord. You know, the usual Total War things.

The game features lands from the river banks of the Nile over the deserts of the Sinai Peninsula all the way to ancient Anatolia, giving the players a whole lot of ground to conquer, one way or another.

Additionally, the aforementioned natural disasters can range from dramatic shifts in weather which cause thunderstorms and sandstorms to unlikely events where fires engulf the battlefields and forests, claiming everything in their path.

Campaign customisation should offer even more replayability as the players will get to decide positions for all factions, resource settings and even alter the natural disaster variables.


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