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Additional musket nerfs announced in New World

Published: 03:07, 14 November 2022
Amazon Game Studios
In PvP, both trappers and sharpshooters have the same assignment
In PvP, both trappers and sharpshooters have the same assignment

New World devs are now testing more serious nerfs for muskets that have been terrorizing large-scale PvP for a little too long.

New World balance in PvP has never been that great but each time there is an outcry, it is caused by something that is ridiculously broken. 

At one point, it was a hatchet bug with obscene damage, other times it was great axes with a temporary perk being permanent but in the recent case of musket issues, they weren't caused by a bug.

When Amazon Game Studios announced the first set of nerfs , players weren't impressed as they could have ended up just as powerful but the PTR now has even more nerfs for the ranged weapon.

Damage falloff will reduce the damage by 60 per cent at 125 metres now, with Ballistic Advantage reducing the penalty to 30 per cent. Previously it was 37.5 and 18.75 per cent.

Amazon Game Studios New World - The fresh questing experience in Monarch's Bluffs Players aren't happy with the power of greatswords either

Shooter's stance should go on cooldown properly now and Empower from the ability perk will now end when the player exits the stance. It will grant a stack of 15 per cent (at 600 GS) empower per hit while in the stance and it can stack up to four times for an extremely powerful fifth shot.

While in Shooter's Stance, you will have more time between shots before the Empower wears off but once again - you can't take it with you once you get out to move freely.


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