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New World devs outline changes implemented based on player feedback

Published: 23:26, 12 April 2023
Amazon Game Studios
New World chest run
New World chest run

New World is getitng some changes that are the direct result of the community feedback and here are the highlights.

Amazon Game Studios make horrendous choices for New World at times but it can't be denied that they also listen to the player base.

Mutliple changes in the past have been a direct result of the player feedback, even if other complaints seemingly fall on deaf ears.

The latest PTR cycle features a pile of changes that came directly from the players' wishlists and the devs outlined the most significant ones.

PTR changes based on player feedback are:

  • Increased passive Season XP gain to make Season Pass progress feel consistent across all player activities
  • Introduced a new way to gain Season XP through regular character XP. Now everything you do in-game will also advance the Season Pass
  • Increased the ease of Activity Card progression via more accessible Season Activity categories
  • Added more diverse PTR Backstories to allow players to easily test additional features
  • Reduced the crafting cost of Flame Core items to make them more affordable
  • Flame Cores can now be traded between players
  • Changed Ifrit from Angry Earth to Human creature type so that players don’t need to bring Angry Earth ward gear into Empyrean Forge
  • Re-evaluated Fury of the Spriggan reward items due to feedback from the Legacy of Crassus event

Amazon Game Studios New World - Players can loot the Rabbit mask during the Easter event New World - Players can loot the Rabbit mask during the Easter event

Considering this is just the inaugural season of the season pass mechanics for New World, it was expected to be rough around the edges but the aforementioned changes are a clear sign the devs are trying to make as many people as possible happy.

On top of that, Season 1 has been extended to July 6, 2023, in order to give players more time to properly clear the pass and snatch the rewards.


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