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New Spider-Man PS4 gameplay footage is out, shows the web slinger in all his glory

Published: 10:47, 04 April 2018

Everyone's favourite web-slinger, if anyone indeed had one, is back for another round of skull busting and web chucking as the guys over at Gameinformer teased more footage of the new Spiderman for PlayStation 4. Looking good there Spidey.

Indeed, Spider-Man does look grander than ever before, strutting his stuff around Manhattan and swinging without a care in the world. Well, maybe not the "care" part, but that'll be for players to fix.

Sony Spider-Man on a wall Spider-Man PS4 (2018)

The devs wanted to step away from the bog-standard Spider-Man narrative we've grown accustomed to, where players are put in the shoes of a rookie Spidey, learning the ropes along the way.

This time around, however, Insomniac Games went for the "mature" Spider-Man, in that he's at ease with his powers and can juggle between web slinging, gadget using and just plain old skull busting without breaking a sweat.

As far as just web slinging goes, we've got to admit that Spider-Man does indeed look marvellous. Insomniac Games seem to have ensured that Spider-Man's traversing of Manhattan is every bit as it was in our imaginations all these years - flawless in execution and spectacular for the eye.

The developers did mention that there are some stratospheric expectations from Spider-Man's fans, but we suspect they won't have much to complain about come launch time.

Spider-Man's launch date on PlayStation 4 has already been leaked as 22 June 2018, even though Insomniac Games said it's merely a photoshop. However, it is widely regarded as the developer's attempt to prolong the hype flame and it's safe to say that if not 22 June 2018, Spider-Man will still be somewhere in the ballpark.

In case you've been wondering whether Spider-Man will be coming to Xbox One, we don't really have good news. Namely, when asked the same question, Insomniac Games answered with an unequivocal "never", so expect Spidey to be staying away from Xbox consoles for a while.

We're sure to be getting more Spider-Man gameplay footage, screenshots and additional information as we draw closer to launch, so stay tuned.

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