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Spider-Man's developer Insomniac Games cost Sony $229 million

Published: 04:59, 11 February 2020
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In their recent financial report, Sony shared some interesting figures, such as the price they shelled out for Insomniac Games. Apparently, the deal was worth $229 million, but in hindsight - it was worth every single cent.

Naturally, being a financial report and all, Sony's wording was way more corporate, but we all know this is exactly what they meant. Yes, regardless of whether Spider-Man was your first contact with Insomniac.

At the time of Spider-Man's launch in 2018, Insomniac were a well-established household name to PlayStation owners. This is the same studio that brought us Spyro the Dragon and Ratchet and Clank, both of which played a pivotal role in establishing Sony's brand of family-friendly fun. 

When talking about PlayStation exclusives, Insomniac kept rolling out the hits, each one substantially better than the last. 

At one point it looked like they may be jumping the proverbial ship, as they developed and launched Sunset Overdrive, an exclusive for team Xbox.

Sunset Overdrive did pretty well in every respect but Insomniac eventually came back to make what surely has to be the main contender for their magnum opus - Spider-Man. 

Having played just about every Spidey game you can think off, it would be wrong to say that any of them outright sucked. That said, they weren't masterpieces either and we've had many an internal discussion on whether and why the web-slinger deserves a fresh gaming start. 

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Spidey's PS4 exclusivity meant Insomniac had to meet Sony's as well as Marvel's quality standards, but this wasn't unfamiliar terrain. Everyone expected a hit, though, we just couldn't anticipate that the dev will knock it a few miles out of the park. 

So there you have it, .

Spider-Man (2018) by Insomniac Games and Sony Interactive

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