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Marvel announce something fantastic for Spider-Man PS4

Published: 08:17, 09 January 2019
Marvel's Fantastic Four characters
Fantastic Four

Marvel and Insomniac Games don't seem to be done improving Spider-Man's fortunes, even if they barely needed improving, as the former hinted that something fantastic is coming to Spidey's PlayStation 4 edition and it's coming soon.

Now, it's well worth pointing out that Marvel's holding a Fantastic Four flavoured week at the moment, honouring the first familial congregation of mutants into a family that's, unsurprisingly, just as dysfunctional as normal families. Obviously, these things don't care about mutations.

Jokes aside, towards the end of a recent stream, vice president and creative executive of Marvel New Media Ryan Penagos said, "Something fantastic is coming to Marvel's Spider-Man real soon". Of course, you're free to capitalise or italicise the 'fantastic' any way you wish.

Needless to say, we can now say with certainty that we'll be seeing some sort of crossover between Spider-Man and Fantastic Four. What we don't know is the extent of the crossover and whether it's just a cosmetics-based incursion into Spidey's world or a full-fledged expansion, with a developed story and all.

We're pretty sure that Spider-Man fans are strongly leaning towards the latter option, especially considering that Spider-Man The City That Never Sleeps DLC has officially been completed with The Silver Lining episode. See how we feined impartialness by implying we're not Spidey fans? The power of writing, baby.

Anyway, The Silver Lining episode brought us Silver Sable and three new Spidey suits - the Spider-Verse one, cyborg Spidey and the Aaron Aikman Spider-Armour, not to mention the conclusion to The City That Never Sleeps' storyline. Needless to say, as exquisite as Spidey may be, many fans were left wondering if and when there'll be more content coming for the web-slinger. 

Sony Screenshot of Marvel's superhero Spider-man from the 2018 game Spider-man

Well, now we know, sort of, and it's just a matter of time before we see the official announcement. Let's just hope we're looking at a proper expansion because Spider-Man's track record definitely deserved it. Not to mention that most fans would really prefer that option. Yeah, we did it again.

Spider-Man (2018) by Insomniac Games and Sony Interactive

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