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SCUM gets bows, Halloween gear, musical instruments and more

Published: 13:48, 02 November 2018

When Gamepires said SCUM will be baring it all today, we didn't suspect they'll be going full commando, as the new update adds customisable penis size, bows and arrows, Halloween gear, playable musical instruments, drone view and more.

First things first - and we all know what's first - compensating deficiencies with virtual vanity in the shape of SCUM's penis size, which can now be adjusted from 1 to 8 inches, which is 2.5 to 20 centimetres. It doesn't seem to be affecting anything but ego though, so it's just like real life I guess. Also, SCUM's Supporter Pack owners get two extra inches.

As for SCUM's usable weaponry, Gamepires rolled out improvised and recurve bows and two types of arrows. As the name suggests, the improvised bow isn't as durable as the recurve variant and you can only get it via crafting. The recurve bow can be found across the island, just like the carbon arrows, while wooden arrows must be crafted like the improvised bow.

As a gimmick I personally resonate with, Gamepires added a guitar, banjo and harmonica to SCUM and we're not talking mere cosmetics - these things play. When in play instrument mode, the C note will be bound to your R key, with the rest following in the black-white key pattern. If you're keen on hearing them in action, you can do so .

SCUM players who rent servers and have admin rights can now fly around and spectate by creating a character Drone290818. While they don't know when this may be, Gamepires said they're planning to eventually roll out this feature for everyone.

The developer also pointed out that SCUM being a survival game and all, they'll be gradually decreasing item spawn rates, to get more of a survival feel going. There's also two new "primal crafting" caps, Halloween decorations and a plethora of bug fixes and minor tweaks, which you can find in the official patch notes .

SCUM, survival battle royale by Gamepires and Croteam

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