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New Profile Banners coming to League of Legends

Published: 21:16, 19 December 2022
Riot Games
Changes are coming to the profile banners in League of Legends
Changes are coming to the profile banners in League of Legends

Recent leaks indicate that changes are coming to profile banners in League of Legends' new season. This feature will most likely not be free, as it could cost some event tokens.

After season 12, Riot  offered more methods to personalize the player's lobby and profiles. Previously, there were just a few methods for gamers to customize their profiles. These include a Profile Avatar, Profile Background, the ability to toggle between the rank border and the level border, and so on.

Riot has introduced several customization choices in the last season. There is also a challenges badge, the opportunity to select the level borders that the player previously unlocked, titles, and so forth. The majority of the customization discussed previously might be displayed on the loading screen.

Furthermore, Riot is introducing these elements to make the game more casual-friendly, as rank climbing is the only other grindable option. And it appears like Riot will be providing additional decorative options for the  League of Legends  screen in the near future.

The new Profile Banner will function similarly to the current Rank Banners. Your rank border may be seen around your avatar and profile border. You may also view your Rank Banners on the loading screen as well.

While they are a wonderful perk if you have a high elo profile, they are not a good item to show off if the person is low elo. Moreover, currently, there isn't any method to deactivate the Rank Banners, especially if you play ranked.

The players may still choose their ranks as their flag if they feel proud. While this lobby design is good, it will very certainly cost RP or some premium currency. 

Riot did not publicly announce their actual costs, considering Lunar Revel 2023 is a selectable Profile Banner, we may anticipate them to cost event tokens.


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