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New Dino Crisis game was shot down by Capcom years ago

Published: 23:41, 08 June 2020
Dino Crysis
Dino Crysis

Capcom apparently shot down a pitch for a Dino Crisis reboot a few years back as their Vancouver branch attempted to claw their way out of the abyss. Not all hope is lost though, thanks for Resident Evil series.

Resident Evil 2 Remake and the subsequent R3make proved to be successful ventures for Capcom. The first one more so, although the one with Nemesis enjoyed moderate success, despite being overshadowed by its predecessor.

The story of these remakes making it big didn't only inspire Resident Evil fans - those who remember Dino Crisis also saw a glimmer of hope that their series would receive similar treatment. Capcom folks have been silent on the matter but Liam Robertson appears to have dug out previously unknown information about the series' lack of new entries.

Robertson recently posted a video titled How Capcom's Dead Rising Studio Fell Appart to his YouTube channel, DidYouKnowGaming?, and discussed the downfall of Capcom Vancouver.

Thirteen minutes into the video, Robertson noted that Capcom Vancouver "attempted to revive survival horror series Dino Crisis with a new game for modern hardware". Unfortunately, Capcom Japan shot the pitch down after just a few months of work. It appears that the devs believed the company wasn't willing to make a big investment that was necessary for the new technology that would power the game.

Whether this was meant to be a sequel or a reboot remains hazy but will likely be demoralising for Dino Crisis fans. On the bright side, these events took place back in 2013 and 2014, meaning decisions to not go through with the pitches are more than half a decade old.

Considering the successful run Capcom had with remakes so far, some hope still remains for the fans who want to see Regina in action again.

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