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Street Fighter VI confirms Guile in new trailer, after roster leaks

Published: 19:27, 09 June 2022
Street Fighter VI - Guile
Street Fighter VI - Guile

Capcom revealed a Street Fighter classic mainstay, Guile, will be rejoining the roster in the upcoming incarnation of the game, even though he leaked earlier along with others.

Guile is coming back in Street Fighter VI and just like the other classics, he has aged visibly. That said, it's mostly reflected in Guile's facial hair and voice as he is no longer yelling "Sonic Boom" at the top of his lungs but calls the move in a milder manner.

Other classic moves from Guile's arsenal are returning as well, with the super being a combination of Sonic Boom and Flash Kick that sends the opponent into the air a little further than one might expect.

While the trailer is pretty good and the new jumpsuit-wearing Guile looks more terrifying than ever, his existence and appearance were already known for those who followed the leaks surrounding the game.

Character art for a total of 22 fighters had leaked previously, including:

  1. Ryu
  2. Chun-Li
  3. Ken
  4. Zangief
  5. Dhalsim
  6. E. Honda
  7. Blanka
  8. Guile
  9. Cammy
  10. Dee Jay
  11. Rashid
  12. Juri
  13. Akuma
  14. Ed
  15. Marisa
  16. Lilly
  17. Mimi
  18. JP
  19. A.K.I.
  20. Luke
  21. Jamie
  22. Kimberly

You can even check their looks out in the leaked character art gallery . Keep in mind that the images are of character art, not their actual in-game models but they do have a very close resemblance, judging by the looks of the characters that were already announced.

In any case, we are likely to see many more character trailers in the upcoming months as Street Fighter VI nears its release date.

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