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New Apex Legends Charms dug up ahead of Bloodhound Town Takeover

Published: 21:26, 01 April 2020
@Shrugtal, Twitter
Apex Legends, new data mined Charms
Apex Legends, data mined Charms

Apex Legends' community is buzzing with excitement these days, both for official and unofficial reasons. Thankfully, data miners continue to dig and among the latest finds are the delightful new charms.

You probably know that Respawn confirmed Bloodhound's episode of Stories from the Outlands , which is titled The Old Ways, but unofficially - there's a lot more going on. 

Of course, we're talking about Bloodhound's Town Takeover, which has been touted by data miners as the next event for a while now. 

Even though we're yet to get an official confirmation for Town Takeover from Respawn, these events to come with fresh cosmetics, and data mining helped there too. 

The images you see come from prominent Apex Legends data miner Shrugtal via Twitter, who has been uncovering some really exciting stuff lately. 

It's probably not coincidental that most of the Charms have something to do with Bloodhound, although the leftmost one may not be immediately obvious. Apex Legends' hunter actually has some concept art where he battles Goliaths, and it's pretty clear that Respawn are playing on the hunter angle here.

After all, their teaser for Bloodhound's Town Takeover, which was also uncovered by data miners, has landed and it's a dead Prowler , a beast that Titanfall franchise fans should recognise immediately. It seems pretty certain that Respawn are building up to something hunt-related, an Apex hunt if you will.

In related news, Apex Legends Global Series has announced some changes due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and the competition will be moving online until further notice. While this means that the Bucharest tournament is being pushed back, several online tournaments have been added along with quite attractive, $100K prize pools. 

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