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NecroCity:Demo is now Available on Steam for Free

Published: 06:55, 05 October 2022

October 3rd, 2022 - Steam Next Fest comes just three times a year - and now is the time. Thanks to Steam Next Fest you can now play the NecroCity: Demo for free for 7 days! 

Right now, you can play the NecroCity: Demo for free as a part of Steam Next Fest, which runs from October 3rd to 10th.

The festival is a multi-day event during which gamers may try out various demos, communicate with game creators, watch live streams, and hear about forthcoming Steam releases. There will never be a better moment to try out NecroCity.

Your main goal in NecroCity is to repel the onslaught of monsters and construct your castle! Defend your zombie outposts from the tenacious soldiers of the "good"!

NecroCity is a game that combines city construction, strategy, and tower defence. You take on the role of a young Prince of Undead attempting to establish himself in the realm of the Undead Kingdom. 

Demonstrate to your elder brother that you are no longer a youngster! Create your zombie kingdom!

Your main goal would be to defend your outposts. You can do that by expanding your kingdom with the help of your zombie workers. They provide your base camp with the resources and gather and produce much-needed power to build your castles!

Steam NecroCity:Demo Gameplay NecroCity:Demo Gameplay

You can modify the way your defences act by using a unique mod system. Add chain lightning to your fireballs or heal your warriors with your opponents' own life energy! Why not do both? Mix and blend different modifications to better suit the circumstance you're in.

Discover and join a colourful collection of characters. And then send them to fight for you on the battlefield! Find new pals, listen to their squabbles, discover their strengths, and improve them to make them stronger. Choose when to deploy and employ their talents, since smart timing may change the direction of a fight.

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