NBA2K23 Rebirth quest: Where to find Ronnie on the map?

Published: 13:00, 09 September 2022
Ronnie nba2k23
Here's what you get for completing Ronnie's quests in NBA2K23

Completing Ronnie's challenges in NBA2K23 will give you some amazing rewards so here's where and how to find him in The City. 

If you have just kicked off your MyPlayer career in NBA 2K23 , you have probably noticed a Rebirth quest very early on that asks you to find Ronnie, who has a couple of challenges that you need to complete in order to get some amazing rewards.

As soon as you activate the quest and try to track it, you'll notice that 2K Games didn't put a quest marker on the map to show you where to go. 

Instead, you have to find Ronnie on your own which can be a tedious and long process since he can be anywhere in The City. 

Luckily, we have his locations in this guide thanks to Redditor u/GentleGrizzly12 . Check out The City map below with all four locations where Ronnie usually hangs around. 

Ronnie locations in NBA 2K23

Reddit Here's where you'll find Ronnie in NBA 2K23 Here's where you'll find Ronnie in NBA 2K23

Before you head to the nearest one, please keep in mind that you have to do this quest in the right order, otherwise Ronnie won't spawn. Start at number one, then go to number two, then number three and finally, go and finish the fourth one. It's simple as that. 

Once you complete the questline, you'll get 60,000 MVP Points, the ability to take off your shirt, Spawn Location, Ronnie 2K and Sophie T-Shirt and the best one - Rebirth, which allows you to create new MyPlayers with free badge points and a higher attribute max straight away.


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