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Naraka Bladepoint introduces new female hero Valda Cui

Published: 15:17, 17 September 2021
Naraka Bladepoint - Valda Cui, The Sea Dragon
Naraka Bladepoint - Valda Cui, The Sea Dragon

Naraka Bladepoint devs have introduced a brand new hero to their battle-royale action game. Named Valda Cui The Sea Dragon, this female character is the first post-launch hero to join the game.

Developer 24 Entertainment have dropped a new update for their unique battle royale title Naraka: Bladepoint. The update brings Valda Cui, a new female hero which becomes the first character to be introduced in the post-launch updates. 

To celebrate the new release, 24 Entertainment shared a cool live-action video showing the backstory of Valda Cui but also some gameplay, where you can get a closer look at her abilities. 

Speaking about Valda Cui's abilities and powers, the official description states that she takes command of the sea, and her regular ability releases water prisons that stun enemies when touched. 

When Valda Cui uses her ultimate ability, she channels the power of the sea dragon, unleashing a massive wave of water over the battlefield. Sounds pretty cool.

Alongside Valda Cui’s release, the first in-game event, Mid-Autumn Festival, has also started. Players can gain Mooncakes by completing quests during the event. These Mooncakes can be turned in for a variety of event-themed rewards. 

The patch also brings a variety of different balance adjustments across the board with buffs and nerfs to hero’s, weapons and soul jades.

You can find the full patch notes for the latest update on the Naraka Bladepoint Steam page.

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