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PC is the leading platform for The Witcher 3 overall sales

Published: 00:14, 24 May 2019
CD Projekt Red
Witcher 3 Geralt riding Roach in a field
Witcher 3 - The base game featured a more "northern" feel to its world

The Witcher 3 sold like hotcakes ever since the game's release in 2015 but the three mainstream platforms exchanged leadership in sales over the years. Currently, it is PC that has the most sales with 45 per cent under its proverbial belt.

CD Projekt Red have revealed the market share between PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC for The Witcher 3 through their 2018 financial report. This includes every copy of the game sold since 2015 and provides some interesting statistics.

PC is king of the hill right now with 44,5 per cent share of the market with PlayStation 4 coming in the second place at 39,5 per cent. Xbox One is trucking on with 15,5 per cent and all the numbers are rounded up, which is why the sum is 99,5 per cent rather than 100.

This was not the case initially since PlayStation 4 had the lead with 48 per cent of the total sales and PC overtook Sony's platform in 2016, probably as a result of sales kicking in, since they are much more frequent on PC than on consoles.

Another possibility is that the PC gaming market expanded recently, cutting into the consoles' slice of pie. This was verified by Capcom who were surprised by the sales of their recent titles on the platform, finally acknowledging it as an important one and not a runner up for the consoles.

The also came at an inopportune time for THQ Nordic who tried to paint Metro Exodus as a primarily console game because it didn't sell very well on PC. Unlike Metro Exodus, The Witcher 3 was never exclusive to any storefront even though CD Projekt own both GOG and the developer studio CD Projekt Red.

CD Projekt Red V is taking cover with her favourite gun behind some wall Cyberpunk 2077 - Female V

Another indicator that CD Projekt Red may find a pile of success on PC is that their YouTube videos for Cyberpunk 2077 have been viewed roughly seven times more than those for The Witcher 3. Who would have thought, it seems like it's worth garnering goodwill with the player base.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, An Iconic RPG by CD Projekt Red

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The Witcher 3

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