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CD Projekt Red to develop multiple AAA titles simultaneously

Published: 12:02, 31 March 2021
CD Projekt Red
The Witcher 3 screenshot showing Geralt and Vesemir
The Witcher 3 - Geralt and Vesemir

CDPR are shifting their priorities for the upcoming games and they will be developing more than one at a time but they will have smaller marketing windows.

Cyberpunk 2077 launch broke all kinds of records commercially but it's safe to say that the general consensus from the players was that the game was unfinished and they've been lied to during the marketing campaign, with numerous features cut on top of the game barely functioning on some systems initially.

This seems to have been enough for CD Projekt to shift their priorities going forward as they will be doing pretty much the opposite of how CP2077 development and marketing roads went.

One major shift in their strategy is to go from focusing on one development and release to multiple titles being developed simultaneously. This may not give the fans and former fans much in the way of having confidence in CDPR since handling multiple projects at once can definitely be more challenging than having a single focus.

However, another important change that is going hand in hand with the focus shift is that the marketing campaigns will be smaller in the future, which should be a boon to future games. After all, when we get to play a game, we judge it by its merits, not by the fact that it was displayed at Times Square .

Overall, it looks like CDPR are slowly moving back to their original work process by focusing more on creating good games instead of outrageous marketing campaigns, which could be a good sign for their future projects.

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