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CDPR dev sets rumours about new Witcher game straight

Published: 09:01, 22 March 2022
CD Projekt Red
The Witcher 3 screenshot showing Geralt and Vesemir
The Witcher 3 - Geralt and Vesemir

CD Projekt Red announced a brand new Witcher game which promoted a lot of speculation from the fans but Radek Grabowski came out to clear a few things up.

CD Projekt Red seems content with wrapping Geralt's story up at the end of Blood and Wine in The Witcher 3 but the fans had a different impression after the announcement of the new Witcher game.

There are a few things that stand in the way of Geralt being the protagonist, however, including the image that CDPR teased initially. While it could certainly be a medallion of the School of the Wolf, it could just as easily end up being a Cat School one, should the snow be removed from it.

This theory seems to hold up after Radek Grabowski clarified a few things about the new Witcher game. He stated CDPR did not announce "A game called The Witcher 4", which could absolutely hint we are stepping away from Geralt as the protagonist. Furthermore, the promotional material for the new game clearly states it will " kick off a new saga in The Witcher franchise " so that all but confirms it.

The other rumour Radowski debunked was about storefront availability. CDPR announced the new game will be created in UE5 and that they would partner up and work closely with Epic Games on the title, which prompted worries about EGS exclusivity.

CDPR The Witcher - New game is in development The Witcher - New game is in development

Radowski also noted this was not announced in the teaser. If you think about it, EGS exclusivity would be an extremely weird move, especially after Cyberpunk 2077 sold like hotcakes on Steam. On top of that, there is no way CD Projekt would exclude its own storefront, GOG.

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