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Monster Hunter: World's latest update brings the Behemoth to PC

Published: 17:07, 22 December 2018
Picture of the Behemoth in Monster Hunter: World
Monster Hunter: World - Behemoth

Capcom released a new update for Monster Hunter: World on Steam, bringing the Behemoth to the PC audience. There are more additions, bug fixes and the players who hop in until 27 December 2018 will also get some exclusive rewards.

Capcom has some really weird definitions of the word "dragon" as this Mintaur lookalike is also classified as one. Yup, it doesn't have any wings and looks more like an ox, rather than showing any reptilian features, but it as far as Monster Hunter World is concerned, Behemoth is an Elder Dragon.

Anyway, console players already had their go at this challenging creature, but PC players didn't have a chance to butt heads with it. We wouldn't suggest any attempts to headbutt it anyway, but rather to find a decent group and try to kill the creature. Doing so will give players access to some rather .

Speaking of the armour, it is a Final Fantasy-inspired armour that will be only a part of the crossover, as there are also new weapons and new wildlife that will appear in Monster Hunter: World. Completing assignments will grant players access to more crossover rewards, such as a Final Fantasy XIV Jump gesture and more.

Probably the juiciest part of the crossover event will be the Warrior of Light Gift set. It is filled to the brim with useful items, some of which players didn't get after of gameplay. The gift set will be available for a limited time only, as logging in after 27 December 2018 will offer no reward. On the flip side, the special assignment to kill the Behemoth has no time limit.

Capcom Monster Hunter: World's creature Arch-Tempered Nergigante Monster Hunter: World, Arch-Tempered Nergigante

Reactions from the PC community have been mixed, as some players are not exactly thrilled to see the Behemoth, presumably after fighting it on the console version, others are cheering for its appearance, while one group is more concerned about the game performance. Monster Hunter World's user reviews have been mostly positive lately, but the overall rating is still mixed, at 64 per cent positive reviews on Steam, mostly thanks to bad optimisation on PC.

You can read the full patch notes .

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