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Monster Hunter: World getting Alatreon and two special events soon

Published: 15:46, 03 July 2020
Monster Hunter: World armour set Alatreon Divinity
Monster Hunter: World, Alatreon Divinity

As we draw closer to the introduction of the legendary Blazing Black Dragon, Capcom decided to shed some light on Monster Hunter: World's Alatreon, Sizzling Spice Fest and The Last White Knight events.

"The legendary 'Blazing Black Dragon' Alatreon is looming over the New World, wielding the unstoppable power of all known elements. Hunters, gear up and get ready for one of the most intense and dynamic hunts in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne", the dev wrote. 

Anyone who's faced Monster Hunter: World's Elder Dragons knows they're formidable beasts but if their wielding of elements was problematic to handle, Alatreon will be your nightmare. He's practically the Elder to rule all Elders as he commands all the elements, switching between them at will.

Moreover, Alatreon's elemental switcheroo produces Escaton Judgement, a shockwave so destructive it can wipe out hunters with maxed out armour sets. Beating him will require precise timing and swift countering of his elements, so it won't hurt to bring some backup with you. 

Monster hunters who prevail in the encounter will be rewarded with weapon and armour sets for each of the 14 types, with the crowning reward being Set Bonus: Alatreon Divinity. 

Alatreon Divinity not only looks cool - it channels your elemental resistance into elemental damage for your weapon, which opens up many creative avenues for your Monster Hunter: World loadouts.

Capcom also thanked Monster Hunter: World players for their patience and understanding over the free Title Update #4 . It's slated for launch on July 9, 2020, and Alatreon certainly looks like well worth the wait. 

Capcom Monster Hunter: World characters dancing Monster Hunter: World - Iceborne, Sizzling Spice Fest

Monster Hunter: World - Iceborne's Title Update #4 will also bring a few  "extra special events", starting with the Summer Seasonal Event dubbed the Sizzling Spice Fest. Expect feathers, meat dishes and all sorts of monster-themed gear, including armour sets, layered armour, palico gear, pendants, etc. 

Sizzling Spice Fest kicks off a bit later though, and will last from July 21 at 5:00pm PDT/1:00am BST until August 6 at 4:59pm PDT/12:59 BST. 

Capcom Monster Hunter: World, Alatreon Divinity armour set Monster Hunter: World, Alatreon Divinity should be a blast...sometimes literally!

If that doesn't satisfy your monster hunger, Capcom will be launching a limited-time Event Quest dubbed The Last White Knight. Monster Hunters will face a new Variant monster, Frostgang Barioth, on August 6 at 5:00pm PDT/1:00am BST, and the hunt lasts until August 19 at 4:59pm PDT/12:59am BST. 

Monster Hunter: World's expansion Iceborne, by Capcom

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