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Mobile esports grossed $15.3 billion worldwide last year

Published: 10:57, 29 August 2019
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According to the report from the market intelligence firm Niko Partners, mobile esports grossed $15.3 billion worldwide in 2018. Mobile esports already account for 25 per cent of mobile revenue and is looking to overtake PC counterpart.

Esports industry has seen a gigantic rise in the last few years and according to a new 45-page report from the market intelligence firm Niko Partners, that rise won't stop anytime soon, especially on mobile.

In their report, the company revealed that mobile esports grossed $15.3 billion worldwide in 2018. Mobile esports already account for 25 per cent of mobile games revenue and Niko Partners predict that mobile esports will become the fastest growing sector in the esports industry, meaning that it's just a matter of time when it's going to overtake the PC counterpart.

Mobile esports generated $5.6 billion from China alone and another $450 million from Greater Southeast Asia. For comparison, PC esports titles earned $16.1 billion in revenue globally in 2018, with about 40 per cent of the earnings coming from China.

The company also predicts that Mobile esports will "precipitate a shift from a limited number of high-profile, spectator-focused esports productions toward a much larger number of open tournaments carried out regionally and locally".

Furthermore, they mention that there are already more gamers or mobile platform (2.54 billion) than on PC and consoles combined (1.5 billion) and that many of them have lower barriers to entry higher install rates in comparison to PC and console games. Apparently, this allows for better economics and higher dollar-to-player value in producing tournaments.

According to the report, League of Legends remains the biggest PC esport title, despite the decline in revenue numbers when compared to an earlier year.

On mobile, Tencent's title Arena of Valor is leading the pack with $2.5 billion gross in 2018 while Riot Games' MOBA is just behind. The report also mentions that four PC esport titles generated over $1 billion last year but only two mobile games managed to reach that number.

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