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PUBG Mobile 2020 World League prize pool revealed

Published: 13:12, 02 December 2019
Tencent Games
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PUBG Mobile

Tencent have revealed PUBG Mobile Esports league system for the upcoming year. The total prize pool for PUBG Mobile league in 2020 will be over $5 million.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile is one of the fastest-growing mobile titles in Asia at the moment, and judging by Tencent's most recent plans, the growth could only increase in 2020. The company officially announced The PUBG Mobile World League this weekend and laid out their plans for the Esports competitions in 2020.

As expected, a pyramid structure will be followed in 2020 with amateur players starting in the Campus Championship. Semi-pro and pro players start in the PUBG Mobile Club Open and Pro League. These will be played at country level.

The best three teams will advance to the Regional Pro League, which takes place in South Asia, America and South-East Asia. The top teams from this league then get promoted to PUBG Mobile World League, which is then followed by the ultimate showdown - World Championship 2020.

The World League will be divided into two splits with start dates set for May and October. The total prize pool for PUBG Mobile Esports in 2020 will be over $5 million.

With such a big prize pool, it will be interesting to see if some big esports organisations will jump on the boat and form their teams to compete in PUBG Mobile.

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PUBG Mobile, a mobile take on PUBG by PUBG Corp and Tencent

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