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Minecraft saving bees in new partnership with WWF

Published: 16:59, 04 December 2019
Updated: 21:15, 04 December 2019
Minecraft - Buzzy Bees update
Minecraft - Buzzy Bees update

Minecraft is getting a bee-centric update next week in partnership with WWF. The update will be heralded in by three live streams hosted in the US, Brazil and Australia. A new community challenge will take place from 13 December until 15 December 2019.

Minecraft's upcoming Holiday update - Buzzy Bees (and its sweet features) will go live on 11 December. The devs have also planned a bunch of bee-themed events that will go down before the update goes live.

Those looking to learn more about the fuzzy insects will get a chance to do so by watching a whole host of live streams Mojang will be hosting. The streams will be(e) based in the US, Brazil, and Australia, kick-off on 6 December and end on 8 December. A visual representation of the schedule is coming up. Be patient.

A mysterious community challenge will run from 13 December (a Friday!) until 15 December, but that's all the information we've got for you at this time - hence the "mysterious" adjective.

Why bees? Why now? Well, the bees are of extreme import to our ecosystem and they are still in grave danger, even though the media hype about it has died down. No pun intended. This is the reason Mojang has partnered up with WWF's effort in protecting the small pollinators as well as other important animal species.

There are three ways to help support conservation efforts: 

  • donate during the live stream
  • purchase the buzzing (all net proceeds will go towards supporting the cause)
  • purchase the Character Creator Bumblebee costume in the Minecraft Marketplace

A percentage (exactly 62.5 per cent) of the money collected from buying the Character Creator Bumblebee costume will go directly to WWF.

Mojang Minecraft's Buzzy Bees live stream schedule Minecraft's Buzzy Bees live stream schedule

Mojang will, on their part, be contributing as well. The developer will donate ₤76.370 to WWF.

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