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New Minecraft snapshot adds colour and texture

Published: 15:36, 09 February 2017
Updated: 16:57, 09 February 2017

Mojang anticipate more snapshots in the coming months

Minecraft 1.12 snapshot brings the option to save and load the toolbars in Creative Mode and some colourful new blocks. Coloured concrete blocks, concrete powder which turns into a concrete block when it interacts with water, and coloured Glazed Terracotta blocks are available in the new snapshot.

The terracotta blocks have geometric patterns and can be made by smelting any colour stained clay in a furnace. The base colour palette of the game and textures of wool blocks have also been updated. Snapshot 17W06A is optional for now, and available for play in the test builds. In a couple months all mods will be updated and the snapshot will be implemented into the game.


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