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Valheim is not getting a Mac version any time soon and here's why

Published: 05:58, 07 April 2021
Iron Gate Studio

Valheim is growing in popularity and some fans are eager to see the survival game on their Mac computers. The game will not get a Mac version soon and there's a perfectly simple explanation why.

Valheim is currently only available for Windows and Linux PCs via Steam's Early Access . One Redditor wanted to know if the game was going to get a Mac version and proceeded to send an email to Valheim's devs.

The answer AdministrativePast17 got back was refreshingly honest and simple: There is no Valheim for Mac at the moment because the team doesn't have a Mac computer in the office.

Here is the e-mail in full:

"We do not currently support Mac because we don't have a Mac computer at the office. Adding Mac support and debugging and testing would take a lot of development hours that we don't have atm. 

In the future, it might be possible to add Mac compatibility."

AdministrativePast17 Valheim is not getting a Mac version soon Valheim is not getting a Mac version soon

AdministrativePast17 took a screenshot of his correspondence with a member of Iron Gate's dev team and shared it on Reddit. The post garnered much attention and the other Redditors quickly started discussing Iron Gate's future and whether they will be able to be so honest and open as they grow as a game developer studio.


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