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Monster Hunter: World gets Ryu armor

Published: 14:59, 16 February 2018
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Monster Hunter: World

With Monster Hunter: World stealing many a headline these days, Capcom decided to introduce Ryu, surely everyone's beloved character from the Street Fighter series.

Players who have Street Fighter V saves on their PS4 can start Hadoukening their way around the game. If not, you'll be waiting a bit longer.

You'll find the quest in the Gathering Hub. You'll find it in Challenges under the name "Down the Dark, Muddy Path".

Capcom Monster Hunter: World screenshot - a large vessel with blue and yellow dragons resting on it Monster Hunter: World

The challenge itself involves battling against Barroth, just a tiny little behemoth wink wink. Players need Hunter Rank 3 or higher.

Ryu's armor can be crafted in the workshop, although it won't come cheap. Namely, you'll be needing: SFV Ticket x7, Monster Bone M x6, Earth Crystal x6, and Barroth Shell x5.

Now Capcom just said "at a later date", which doesn't really say much. We're not sure whether that's a week or a month, but we anticipate it shouldn't take more than a week or two. Well, hopefully. What we do know is that the rest of the public will see both Ryu and Sakura added at the same time.

Capcom Aloy skin from Horizon Zero Dawn in Monster Hunter World Monster Hunter: World - Aloy skin

In related news, Capcom slashed the pricing of its Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS. The game launched back in 2008 for the PSP and remains the third best selling title on the console.

As for Monster Hunter: World, the game has already become Capcom's fastest selling title, beating the likes of Street Fighter and Resident Evil - a no small feat indeed. With the PC launch coming later this year, you can expect the hype to reawaken at that time, and then some. Until then - Hadouken.

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