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Mercy's short Overwatch story teases challenge-related skin

Published: 19:41, 12 November 2019
Overwatch - Doctor Ziegler
Overwatch - Doctor Ziegler

Blizzard folks release Overwatch short stories from time to time, providing more information on the lives of heroes and villains from the universe, usually followed by a skin that can be earned without loot boxes. Mercy's was the latest.

With the lore bridging in full swing, Blizzard released another short story, dedicated to Mercy. It describes her life after Overwatch disbanded, where she is currently trying to make amends in Cairo, Egypt. The story provides more insight into her background from the moment she was recruited into the organisation, over the past events that made her jaded and the current ones where she meets some familiar faces.

The short story also revealed the ages-old question about Mercy's age and put many theories to rest. In case you are not up to speed, Overwatch fans were confused on why she looks so much younger than her teammates and why she apparently didn't age since she was there since Overwatch's early days.

According to , she didn't join Overwatch until a decade had passed following the Omnic Crisis. Therefore, the theories about the Valkyrie suit and being undead are disproved as doctor Ziegler simply aged gracefully. She was in the late thirties at the time of the short story.

Anyway, just like the previous short stories, such as the one with Baptiste, Blizzard teased a new skin at the end of it. The skin is shown on the image above and will be free of charge initially, earned through a challenge that requires players to win nine games before the event ends.

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The challenge for the skin and will be around for roughly three weeks, ending on 2 December 2019. It's plenty of time to get those wins. Keep in mind that only Arcade, Competitive and Quickplay modes count.

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