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Overwatch might go three years without a new hero

Published: 12:19, 09 August 2021
Overwatch - Sojourn and Echo
Overwatch - Sojourn and Echo

Overwatch's 33rd hero might take three years to release after the previous one, according to Blizzard's announcements and recent leak about the sequel's release.

Overwatch will not get new heroes before Overwatch 2 releases. While this is widely known at this point, the information may have eluded some fans thus far. This was announced shortly after Echo's release in 2020 and fans weren't too angry with the news at the time, possibly because they thought the sequel's release date is not that far into the future.

According to the latest leaks from Metro OW, who has been reliably leaking information for years now, Overwatch 2 might not release in 2022. In Metro's words, the 2022 release is "not likely anymore". The information was sourced from people close to Metro's original source, so there is some possibility of error, for which Metro is hoping too .

That said, if the information proves to be correct, it will mean that by the time Overwatch 2 arrives, it will have been at least three years since the release of Echo. She was the 32nd hero to be released, on April 14, 2020.

Fans are already dropping the game due to lack of content and the fact that new heroes were used to refresh things or shake up the meta, so everything is pretty much stale at this point.

Overwatch - Malevento map

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Overwatch - new Malevento map - statue

With another year and a half without a new hero, Overwatch may no longer have a huge fan base to bestow on the sequel. 

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