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Malevento - the new Overwatch map added amid Blizzard lawsuit

Published: 08:44, 23 July 2021
Overwatch - new Malevento map - statue
Overwatch - new Malevento map - statue

Overwatch's PTR is currently boasting a new Deathmatch map. The Malevanto map was recently added to the game's test servers. Blizzard quietly added the map following the lawsuit.

Blizzard is currently in the throes of a major lawsuit that has the prosecutors looking into the "frat-boy culture" allegations levelled against the company. 

Blizzard quietly added a new Deathmatch mode map to Overwatch's PTS servers as part of the update that went live on Thursday, July 22. 

The reality of the situation and the fact that the map was released during a sensitive time for the company hasn't won Blizzard any new fans. Add to this the lack of any official announcement before the release of the new map and you have fans speculating that this is just a marketing ploy designed to divert the public's attention away from the lawsuit.

Overwatch: Malevento - the new Deathmatch map

Malevento is the first Deathmatch map added to the game since Kanezaka made its debut seven months ago. 

The fans of Overwatch haven't been taking kindly to the latest addition, lamenting the fact that it's yet another Deathmatch map - a game mode that isn't a popular go-to for a majority of Overwatch players.

Set in the Italian mountainside, Malevento is centred around a secret Talon base. The players will be able to take the combat from some narrow corridors to the more open outdoor areas.

The map is currently on Overwatch's PTR and should get a full release on August 17.

Overwatch - Malevento map

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Overwatch - new Malevento map - statue

Malevento is probably the last Overwatch map we'll get before Overwatch 2 releases. 

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