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Men of War II officially revealed; coming to Steam in 2022

Published: 07:30, 24 November 2021
Men of War II key art
Men of War II

The WW2 real-time strategy Men of War II promises two story campaigns, new Frontline mechanics and an enhanced Direct Vision feature.

A sequel to the popular WW2 real-time strategy Men of War is officially coming sometime in 2022 to PC via Steam and other storefronts. 

The game is being developed by 1C Entertainment who have teamed up with original developer Best Way to work on the next entry in this RTS franchise.

With Men of War II, the dev team promise to introduce several new and enhanced features as well as a large campaign. 

Players will be getting two story campaigns that are playable in both single-player and five-player online co-op. The campaigns will be set on the Western and Eastern Fronts, following Allied Forces pushing their way through France and Soviets defending Russia from Third Reich army, respectively. 

We asked the dev team if they plan to introduce an additional campaign that would focus on the Pacific front but that does not seem to be the focus for now. 

PR Men of War II screenshot showing combat Men of War II

1C Entertainment and Best Way promise "never-before-seen" battles and scenarios for the series, highlighting the conflicts such as the Battle of the Falaise pocket and Operation Bagration.

The Front Line mechanic is also one of the new additions in Men of War II that will directly affect territory borders. 

The devs also improved the Direct Vision feature which allows players to take direct control of a single unit on the battlefield and upgrade, change or repair equipment on the fly.

PR Men of War II winter combat Men of War II

On launch, Men of War II will have 45 battalions and more than 300 vehicles, which have been designed with complete historical accuracy. 

PC players will also be happy to hear that full mod support will be available on day one on PC. 

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