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Two separate Mega Man X Legacy collections rated in Australia

Published: 08:49, 17 February 2018
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Mega Man

Capcom have announced they would be porting Mega Man X game collection to PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Switch but they never specified if these games would be released on their own or as parts of a collection. Now we have the answers.

Back in December 2018 all eight Mega Man X games were slated for porting to modern day gaming platforms. Capcom didn't initially decide whether the games would be sold separately, in one big collection or as it happened to be the case - in two collections.

Dubbed Mega Man X Legacy Collection and Mega Man X Legacy collection 2, they were given ratings in Australia on 14 February 2018. An interesting notion is that these two collections do not have the same ratings.

Capcom A simple chart showing that Megaman Legacy X is rated M for  violence. Mega Man X Legacy collection

Mega Man X Legacy Collection will be rated M as it apparently has more violence than Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 which will be rated PG for its ''mild violence''. Each collection will have a set of four games.

It is currently unknown if both collections will have the same release date or if one will be delayed. Since they were rated in Australia on the same day, they will most likely be ready for release on the same day as well but a delay for one of the collections might still happen - for financial reasons more than technical.

Capcom A blueprint showing blue coloured Mega Man assembly. Mega Man 11

Some players hoped for a single collection release, and feared separate collections for a reason. Capcom can use this to increase the overall price a consumer would pay for both collections but on the more positive side, should the first one on the market prove to be too expensive, they can adjust prices accordingly before the next one releases. 

It is not yet known when the releases will happen but release dates should pop up soon. Both collections will be published by Capcom Entertainment Europe and will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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