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Mega Man's 30th anniversary will be marked with a new collection

Published: 19:30, 10 April 2018
Mega Man X Legacy Collection
Mega Man X Legacy Collection

Capcom's famous blue android is celebrating his 30th birthday by coming out with all his games in a new Legacy Collection. The collection will release in two parts which feature eight games in total with improved graphics for each title.

The blue android is back for his 30th anniversary. Capcom have announced a collection titled Mega Man X Legacy Collection, will be coming on 24 July 2018. The collection will be split in two parts with the first featuring Mega Man X all through Mega Man X4, and the second one featuring the remaining four titles in the game.

Mega Man, or as he is known in Japan, Rock Man, will be coming to Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch as well as PC this Summer. There is one prominent difference between the original titles and the newer and more advanced X series of the games which comprise the collection. The X series was made for the Super Nintendo so more advanced features, such as improved graphics or bigger stages and bosses, were possible.

Capcom Mega Man X gameplay of first mission Mega Man X Legacy Collection - Will feature newer visuals for consoles and PC

Now that the game is coming to the current generation, they have announced a filter in each game's options which will further improve the graphics. For the older titles this is a welcome addition, but possibly one that certain nostalgic players might leave off in order to truly experience the game which marked their childhood.

Mega Man is a series which has been tossed around by many developers and publishers all bent on making their own version of the game, but Capcom still hold the rights to it seeing as they are the original developers of the Mega Man universe.

Capcom Mega Man X characters Mega Man X - The series also spawned an anime

This isn't the first Mega Man collection to be released, but it is the most refined one. Capcom probably learned from their mistakes with the first collection in 2006, which was received with mostly positive reviews but the lack of additional content is what made most players unsatisfied. 

The titles in the collection will be a mixture of 2D and 3D games so any player can find at least one gameplay option they like best.

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