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BioWare responds to ME: Andromeda feedback

Published: 09:14, 30 March 2017
A soldier in red and black uniform watching the Citadel crashing into a planet.
Mass Effect: Andromeda

BioWare tweets a response to the feedback they've been receiving on Mass Effect: Andromeda. The company says that they are listening and working on improving the game. They will share their plans for the future on 04 April.

After EA and Origin offered a 10 hour trial period prior to the full release, some mixed opinions started pouring in. They focused on bad facial animation and lacklustre dialogue, as well as some immersion-breaking bugs. It's not normal for aliens to stand in mid air, and for NPCs to be in the background looking like they're drunk off of screwdrivers.

Discouraged by the beginning hours of the game, people poured their hopes and dreams into the day one patch. Little did they know the patch was already there, included in the EA and Origin access version.

Now, one week after Mass Effect: Andromeda launched in Europe, the developers tweeted again, this time a message to their players addressing the complaints they have been receiving. And, it seems the things that bugged the players in the first ten hours, continued to do so through the game as well.

GIF showing an animation glitch in Mass Effect: Andromeda Mass Effect: Andromeda - Reverse moonwalk Mass Effect: Andromeda - Reverse moonwalk

"We've received quite a bit of feedback, some of it positive and some of it critical," BioWare wrote, refusing to say the N word.

"That feedback is an important part of our ongoing support of the game, and we can't wait to share more of our immediate plans with you on Tuesday, 4th April. In the meantime, keep your feedback coming. Our team is listening, working around the clock to gather information and plan out solutions to improve and build on Mass Effect Andromeda."

Maybe BioWare will offer up a large DLC for zero moneys, like they did after an outcry similar to this one happened after the release of Mass Effect 3.

Read the latest tweet in full:

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