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Lost Ark gets closed beta dates, confirms release window delay

Published: 00:57, 02 September 2021
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Korean action MMORPG Lost Ark will take a while longer to arrive in western territories as the developers announced a delay but also ways to play early.

Lost Ark has been moved to the early 2022 release window. Smilegate announced as much on their Twitter post where the reason for the delay was that they wanted to work some more on the game's quality. The realisation the devs need more time apparently came in part due to player feedback from the alpha test.

This means there will be around half a year of waiting left for the western fans, at least as far as the full release goes. They will be able to try the game out sooner than that though, through the closed beta test that will run from November 4 to 9, meaning there is slightly more than two months left before you can get in.

Founder's Pack purchasers will get access instantly but if you don't feel like committing money to a game that hasn't been released yet, you might want to sign up on the official site for a chance to be invited to the test.

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