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LoLdle Classic Champion Guess Solution - Female Jungler or Mid

Published: 10:57, 07 November 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends Taliyah skin Pool Party
Taliyah will finally get her wave

If you are having some issues figuring out the Classic Champion guess on LoLdle for November 6, 2022, you are not alone as the clues might get confusing.

League of Legends is filled to the brim with Champions that have a similar trait or two and when a LoLdle Classic puzzle presents you with a character that has multiple traits in  single category, it gets even harder.

Additionally, Riot Games  added 162 champions in total , as of November 2, 2022, making it even harder to get the answer right.

Thankfully, the process of elimination never fails in LoLdle classic so this one shall not remain unsolved.

The clues for the champion on November 6, 2022, are:

  • Gender: Female
  • Position(s): Mid or jungle
  • Species: Human, Magicborn
  • Resource: Mana
  • Range type: Ranged
  • Region(s): Shurima
  • Release year: 2016

Riot Games League of Legends - Those are some big tonfas you got there, K'Sante K'Sante is 162nd champion

The solution this time around is Taliyah, who just can't wait to throw another rock. 

Not many champions can play both mid and jungle effectively but when the pool is as large as that of League of Legends, it's hard to pinpoint he one that can.

Additionally, the Magicborn attribute usually points towards Demacian Champions who are often prosecuted for being born different, throwing the puzzle solvers off further.

Taliyah also showcased how the time flies as she still feels like a fresh addition but the champion has been around for six years at the time of writing.


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