League of Legends - K'Sante best builds, runes and items

Published: 16:45, 04 November 2022
Riot Games
K'Sante best builds, runes and much more!
K'Sante best builds, runes and much more!

In this article, you can find all the best tips and tricks on how to play this new League of Legends champion. Also, you can explore the best builds and runes that work on K'Sante.

Riot Games just released a new champion. His name is K’Sante , and he is a tank/skirmish-heavy top laner. He will most likely be played in the top lane of League of Legends .

He has a variety of CC weapons in his arsenal that he can employ to make plays and set up kills for his squad. His equipment is simple, yet he relies heavily on skill shots and timing early on. 

K'Sante may not be for you if you dislike play-making heroes or tanks. Without further ado, let's go through K'Sante's fundamental tips, runes, builds, and much more.

Here is a build for K'Sante that we would recommend. His core item is Sunfire Cape. After that, you should go for a tank build. Your main items should be Frozen Heart and Randuin's Omen. Another great item is Force of Nature, which gives him bonus magic resistance and armor.

Resolve and Precision are the runes you want to go for. Resolve gives K'Sante extra health and makes him even tankier. Precision will give him more healing and attack speed. In the end, you want to go for attack speed and double armor runes.

Mobalytics One of the best K'Sante builds tested on PBE server One of the best K'Sante builds tested on the PBE server

Here are some tips on how to team fight as K'Sante. You might try to flank the enemy before locking down and repositioning one of the crucial carries. You may do this by bringing them into your team and promptly executing them.

The second approach of team fighting is to utilize your Ultimate to knock away the opposing frontline, allowing your carries to do damage to the opponent's carries. This is advantageous since the opponent tank will be unable to bridge the distance. You will also be forced towards the enemy's backline to absorb damage.


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