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LoL Esports: Fnatic's Rekkles takes responsibility for early exit in 2023 LEC Winter Split

Published: 20:24, 07 February 2023
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Rekkles issues an apology for the fans after an underperforming Winter Split in the LEC
Rekkles issues an apology for the fans after an underperforming Winter Split in the LEC

Rekkles apologized for his performance in the LEC Winter Split, as he couldn't take Fnatic into the playoffs. This is the first time in the franchise's history that they have failed to qualify for the playoffs.

Fnatic's run in the 2023 LEC Winter Split has come to an early end after they lost to SK Gaming. The team finished with a 2-7 record in the round-robin, ending their run on a four-game losing streak. This allowed Astralis to qualify for the playoffs as the eighth seed, breaking Fnatic's 10-year streak of participating in the League of Legends  LEC playoffs.

There were high expectations placed on Rekkles and Fnatic this split, especially with the League star's return to the LEC after a year away playing in the LFL. His return immediately sparked talk of success both domestically and internationally. However, the team got off to a slow start, losing seven of their first nine games in the LEC this season.

Due to the league's new format,  Fnatic will have to wait until the start of the Spring Split to play on stage again. The bottom two teams are eliminated from each LEC split after the first round robin, meaning Fnatic will not participate in another LEC game until March.

Rekkles had a less successful performance in the 2023 LEC Winter Split compared to his usual performance on the LEC stage. Rekkles ranked among the bottom three AD carries in several statistics including KDA, average kills, and gold per minute. His 3.2 KDA this winter was three points below his career average.

Overall, Rekkles' performance in the 2023 LEC Winter Split did not meet the expectations set for him. Despite being a former MVP, he struggled to perform at the level he usually does on the LEC stage.

In his video, Rekkles stated that with his team's absence from the LEC for a few weeks, he will have more time for streaming and will be able to interact with fans by answering their questions. The next phase of the 2023 LEC Winter Split is scheduled to start on February 11th. 


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