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Rekkles is coming back to Fnatic for LEC Season 2023

Published: 15:08, 08 November 2022
Updated: 16:51, 08 November 2022
League of Legends - FNC Rekkless
League of Legends - FNC Rekkless

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it and it looks like Fnatic are willing to do it once again to get Rekkles back in the marksman role.

League of Legends pro scene gets extremely hectic during the off-season when teams are trying to reorganise their rosters in order to try and get better placement in the next season.

Among all the drama, controversies and sometimes even interventions from Riot , stories are born and the one regarding Fnatic and Rekkles seems ready to repeat once again.

After leaving the team for the second time and getting replaced by Upset , Rekkles is now joining Fnatic for the third time in total and this time around, he is doing the replacing.

The information stems from L EC Wooloo's sources who are seldom wrong and the reactions from other personalities in the scene are pretty much confirming this is a done deal.

Liquipedia League of Legends - Fnatic Upset Upset is on his way out apparently

While Upset is definitely one of the most-skilled marksmen in the West, it appears that his behaviour behind the scenes left a lot to be desired since insiders hinted other teammates didn't want to play with him any longer.

There are currently no official announcements about Upset's future right now but he is often connected to Vitality and it's possible we will see him in Team Yellow by the start of the next Spring Split.


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