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Loan Sharking is a new source of income in Empire of Sin

Published: 01:56, 30 September 2021
Paradox Interactive
Maxim Zelnick's mugshot
Maxim Zelnick's talents lie in accounting and loan sharking

Make It Count DLC is just around the corner, and with it, a new way for you to make money in Chicago. It seems right to give you a little heads up on how things are gonna work when money lending opens its doors.

Up to now, your rackets have thrived thanks to one ingredient: alcohol. Sure, some places can manage by focusing attention on other forms of vice, but booze is the oil for a well-run machine. That means building breweries, keeping speakeasies fluid, and ensuring that gamblers are carrying full cargoes of Dutch courage to roll the bones down the Craps table.

Loan sharking offers a new source of income, without the need for a constant supply of alcohol, though it takes a particular type of gangster to get one up and running. Any old knucklehead can sling alcohol, but running numbers and ensuring they turn a profit? That requires business acumen. While all Gangsters in the Black Book have useful skills and talents, not all of them extend to accountancy.

You’ll need a Fixer in your crew in order to open a Loan Shark racket. With brains best suited for keeping track of payments, they can make sure the books stay balanced in your favor. This extends to Chicago’s newest boss, Maxim Zelnick, too. While adept with numbers himself, he is a boss first, and still has to delegate Loan Shark operations to the Fixers in his crew.

You might be wondering what types of upgrades are available to Loan Sharking. There are three possible upgrades for Loan Sharks:

  • Deflect: Money lending is still a bit of a legal gray area, so anything that keeps the cops from looking too closely is a good thing,
  • Security: With wads of hard-earned cash stacked in the back room, it’s wise to keep your Loan Sharks well guarded,
  • Accountancy: A unique upgrade that ensures your staff knows exactly how to cook the books and increase the earnings of your Loan Shark racket.

Paradox interactive The boss delegates loan sharking to Fixers The boss delegates loan sharking to Fixers

To protect yourself from chancers trying to bankrupt you, you can only open one Loan Shark per Precinct. Keeping the Precinct’s debtors tied to one place means a clearer paper trail and reduces the likelihood of losing track of who owes you money.

Loan Sharks require an initial investment. You can’t start lending money until you’ve got some to lend, right? Depending on the size of the racket you take over - and the size of your bank account - Loan Sharks have small or large start-up costs. A small racket type should cost you around $5,000, and a large one around $25,000. Over a year, Loan Sharks stand to earn a lot through their interest rates, with the potential to earn you up to five times your investment cost.

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