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Empire of Sin adds a new class called Brawlers to the game

Published: 00:54, 01 July 2021
Paradox Interactive
Bullets are not in their deadly arsenal
Bullets are not in their deadly arsenal

New age criminals, or old school mobsters and gangsters, is the question of every noir fan. Empire of Sin is set to establish a clash of generations with their newest free update.

Building a bespoke brawler is the name of the game. In the dark alleyways, and behind shady bars, a new group is forming. One set to doing away with petty guns, and showing what a true gangster is, one who takes on their enemies face to face.

The Brawlers will be available as a free update, not tied to any DLC. Most of their core skills are loosely based on Enforcers, and the developers have announced that the Enforcers will be getting an overhaul sometime in the future as well.

As the name implies, Brawlers are close-range combatants, with profession bonuses to aid them in their endeavors.

Born Fighter: Increases your melee attribute by +20,

Fight Light: Gain a bonus to your initiative and movement based on your loadout,

Adrenaline Rush: Critical hits from melee attacks grant a free bonus move action. Adrenaline Rush rewards a Brawler’s critical hit on an opponent, by granting them an extra move afterward, which should be plenty to get them back into cover after an attack.

Talent Trees are the best part of this update. The developers are giving fans the option to vote on the top two talent options that will make it into the game, so choose wisely.

Shattering Impact: Any melee attack, from Meat Hook to Bull Rush has the chance to deal armor damage to an enemy.

Bloodsport: Any unlucky sucker who’s nursing a bleed during battle is going to have a lot more to contend with when your melee attack deals another 20% damage to them.

Slugger: Plain and simple, this allows melee attackers to stun the opponent. As stunned opponents have less AP during their turn, this could come in handy if used strategically.

Paradox Interactive He might look dapper, but he also packs a punch He might look dapper, but he also packs a punch

Gore: Bull Rush applies bleed to the target, which complements Bloodsport nicely if you were to say, hire two Brawlers and bully your opponents to death.

Thrill of the Kill: For the sadist Brawlers out there, Thrill of the Kill will restore 10% HP for every melee kill they make.

It is always a treat to see game developers including their fanbase in steering their game's development path, and Empire of Sin, true to their theme, reward loyalty with opportunity.

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