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Little Orbit are teasing APB: Reloaded battle royale mode

Published: 22:51, 15 March 2019
Updated: 22:52, 15 March 2019
Little Orbit
Promotional image for APB Riot battle royale
APB Riot

Little Orbit have certainly set their sights on improving and adding new content to APB: Reloaded ever since they acquired Gamersfirst. The newest announcement includes a new battle royale mode that is coming to the city of San Paro.

Little Orbit have shown many positive signs ever since they got their hands on APB: Reloaded. Unlike Gamersfirst, they decided to keep things transparent, often post future plan updates and improve the quality of life in the game. The latest announcement should refresh APB Reloaded as it is apparently getting a battle royale mode.

It will be called APB Riot and it was with the bare minimum of available details, suggesting there is still a decent chunk of development left until the mode sees the light of day. Little Orbit revealed a new major player in San Paro, RedHill Institute of Tech, that will apparently take radical means to bring peace to the disturbed city where Criminals and Enforcers are waging war on a daily basis.

The announcement mentions some city blocks being shut down, hinting that the shrinking map may not follow the circle-of-safety model seen in Fortnite and PUBG, but rather closing cells off as time goes by. While the news post didn't specifically say it will be a battle royale mode, the mention of a shrinking map and "only one" that can survive don't leave much room for doubt.

Considering the size of San Paro's districts, it shouldn't be hard to pull off a battle royale, especially since districts could already support up to 100 people. It remains to be seen whether we will get to use any of our possessions or if we will have to scramble for guns and vehicles that will be inevitably scattered over the streets.

Little Orbit Picture of two players looking at a building in APB Reloaded APB Riot

Technically, if you've seen one battle royale, you have seen them all, with each title simply bringing a few flavour changes to look unique. APB Riot will most likely be the same but let's hope Little Orbit don't take away our customisation options in favour of selling cosmetics, should the mode become popular.

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