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Leaked: Horizon Forbidden West to launch on PC one year after the PlayStation release

Published: 11:14, 04 November 2021
Horizon Forbidden West artwork showing aloy on a beach
Horizon Forbidden West key art

According to the latest Nvidia GeForce Now leak, which revealed internal release dates for a ton of unreleased games, PlayStation exclusive Horizon Forbidden West is set to launch on PC one year after the launch on PlayStation.

It looks like one of the biggest PlayStation exclusives of 2022 will be coming to PC one year after its release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The latest Nvidia GeForce leak, which surfaced online last night has revealed hundreds of release dates for the biggest upcoming games from Sony, Xbox, Bandai Namco, Square Enix and other major publishers.

A lot of Sony exclusives also appeared in the listing but before we go any further, keep in mind that these could be just placeholder dates since some of the dates in the leak do not make any sense. Definitely take everything with a huge grain of salt. 

Horizon Forbidden West 's PC release date is set for September 30, 2022, according to the GeForce Now leak . Of course, the date is almost certainly false since Horizon Forbidden West is launching in February 2022 for PlayStation and it's safe to expect that the game would be available only on Sony's platform for at least a year but this seems to hint that Guerrilla's action-adventure could be coming to PC sooner than expected.

SONY Horizon Forbidden West PS5 Screenshot Horizon Forbidden West (PS5)

Since Horizon Forbidden West was delayed from its late 2021 release date, it's possible that this PC date is actually in line with this, initial, late 2021, release date.

If this is the case, then it seems that Horizon Forbidden West will be coming to the PC platform one year after the release on PlayStation. So, expect the game to hit Steam in February 2023. 

This would be quite surprising since so far, Sony have been releasing their platforms on PC two or three years after the PlayStation launch, though, their acquisition of PC ports studio Nixxes, has been telling. Sony want that PC money. 

Horizon Forbidden West

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